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how it works

If you're looking to get rid of your lightly used outdoor clothing and gear, you have come to the right place. We accept different items throughout the year depending on the season. See our seasonal consignment guidelines for specifics. 

  • No appointment necessary ​

  • Every day 10am-5:50pm 

Step 1) Bring in your used (but clean & undamaged) outdoor gear and clothing
Step 2) We will price your items accordingly  and sell them for you
Step 3) You can use the money from the sale in-store for a 10% bonus or cut a check

Consignment FAQ

Q: What is consignment?

A: Consignment is a method of business in which the seller (you) sells goods through a business (us) for a cut of the profits.

Q:How much of a cut do you take?

A: The Gear Fix takes a certain percentage of the sale based on how much the item sells for. See the contract below for a specific breakdown.

Q:Who prices the items?

A:Our consignment staff prices the items based on retail value, age, wear & tear, and desirability.


Q: How long do my items have to sell?

A: Consignment items have three entire months to sell at their full price. After that, they will go on sale and become eligible for donation. Items will be donated after 6 months if they are still in the shop.

Q: Will you contact me when my items sell?

A: We do not contact consignors when their items sell, but we do have an online portal that can be checked at the consignor's convenience. 

Q: How do I get my money when my items sell?

A: Your money will go into your store account 7 days after your item(s) sell. From there, you can use the money in-store for a 10% bonus, or cut a check for the entirety of the balance. 

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